Home (HomeKit) in 2022 : best solution/approaches

i dont think it would easy to implement. it is used at many places. binding and the libraries it uses are expecting mDNS to be there for publishing of configuration changes, pairing codes, etc

See. Well it’s no issue up till now so I guess it does not make sense then. Any idea why this happens at all? That the OH announcement disappears?

personally i think it happens due very quick connect/disconnect of network interfaces. it looks like something docker related, maybe dhcp leases, or so.

on disconnect/interface down, homekit removes itself from mDNS and for some reasons miss to add itself again on connect / interface up event. we have implemented already some measures to make it more reliable, but it looks like under some circumstances it is still not working. maybe deregistration takes longer than registration and overtakes the registration on “network up” event. need more logs and troubleshooting to understand

so bit of update on this error @yfre
seems like this is only happening when there is no appletv/homepod involved.

I’ve added homepod to home, then invited the user as before and there is no issues at all and everything is working perfectly for both phones/users.

So it must have something to do with that annoying “missing remote access”

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very interesting finding. very helpful. i have not tested the invite without apple tv/homepod. let see, maybe something that can be fixed easily.