Home monitoring for beginners

I’m going to build my home monitoring system from point zero. I know there is many ready commercial systems available but buying on of those would be so boring…
So I’m thinking about purchasing Raspberry pi 3 model B and use openHAB in it. Only problem is that my programming skills are poor…
So is there any sense me getting this system if I can’t generate code to it?
What is the cheapest wireless temperature measuring system I can connect to Raspberry/openHAB? I can solder etc. but this system should not include any programming.

Well, using computers is always to do a bit ao programming, but don’t be shy, this is no rocket science :wink: you will grow up and strengthen with your tasks…

The main part is to configure all stuff, only if you wish to automate things, you would have to use rules and “programming”, but rules can be easy and simple:

rule "1st rule"
    Item myItem received command
    logInfo ("1strule","myItem received command {}",receivedCommand)

This would result in a “slave item” myOtherItem, which would always follow the last sent command from MyItem (plus logging for debugging). It’s really that easy (of course, one could do really complex things, too, but you don’t have to…)

Thanks for reply. After reading lots of information from openHAB community, I’m thinking about getting Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 to raspberry pi 3 model b. If I have understood correctly, z-wave should be quite “simpe” to use in openHAB? Is all z-wave products compatible with Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5?