Home.myopenhab.org down?

I get a 504 from the service though the openhab infrastructure status reports the myopenhab cloud service as „operational“. I also can’t access my remote url (while my local url is still online!). Any other experiencing this problem?

Problem could be solved by a restart, for whatever reason. But I still get warnings regarding cloud service, e.g.: Jetty request 16300851 failed: null
How can I get rid of these? I don’t want my logs full of warnings. Openhab is stable 2.4.0

not sure how to solve , but i am also having issues with myopenhab cloud VIA ios

Can also someone please explain what went wrong In my installation that caused cloud service to become unavailable while all other things around openhab were still working?

I don’t think there is anything wrong with your installation - my guess is that you’ve hit this known issue: https://github.com/openhab/openhab-cloud/issues/134. Does that look like your problem? You had an intermittent connection loss, but the recovery failed.

Yes, that looks like my problem.

Looks like it’s really down this time, I got 404 when I try to login

I logged in successfully, but when I try to connect to my home control I got 504 timeout error