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Hi there

I’m planning to build my alarm around OphenHab2.
Here is my project. Any remarks will be welcome.

I want to have a solution which can alert me even when electricity is cut.
It’s build around my Raspberry Pi, Aeotec Z-Stick Gen 5 ZW090 and 4 Aeotec MultiSensor 6 ZW100.

Surly buying the fowllowing material missing.

USB dongle G3 for sending SMS:

Batterie Power to keep the Raspberry up:

Here a liitle simple drawing:

Best regards


Looks good to me, for sure you have backup batteries on all your sensors as well? Do you get a notification when the battery levels of the sensors are low?

I suggest to buy one of those, too: https://www.gsm-one.de/index.php?page=categorie&cat=9
You get a notification if there´s a power cut and can also monitor humidity and temperature. Otherwise you will never know when and how long you´re running on battery. Nice side effect: you can completely switch the power socket off via SMS, i use this for resets when my router isn´t responding and i´m not at home

Hi Maurits28

I haven’t bought it yet.
It’s my project for early 2017.
I’ll keep this discution updated :slight_smile:



Hi Alexander

Thanks for your feedback
This looks realy good.
I ordered my backup already yesterday but I’ll keep this solution in mind.

Best regards