Homeatic IP Weather Sensor HmIP-SWO access to internal system variable

Dear community,

I installed the HmIP-SWO-PL in Openhab 3 successfully. I am just a bit confused about the channels and their values. For sun duration as well as rain there are values from today as well as yesterday, see this picture:

Using the channel homematic:HmIP-SWO-PL:ccu3:xxx:1#RAIN_COUNTER I get the rain value from yesterday successfully (3mm) but would expect 0mm as this is correct. In parallel to this, sunshine duration using the channel homematic:HmIP-SWO-PL:ccu3:xxx:1#SUNSHINEDURATION shows today’s duration while I could not found yesterdays one. I would have expected one channel for value from yesterday and another one for today’s value.

I also checked the Homematic IP Devices Technical Documentation but it looks like there are no further channels.

I assume I just misunderstand how the values are reported to openhab, happy for some hint.

Thanks and best

I saw the data are available in ccu3 as internal system variable. Unfortunately they do not show off via gateway extras. Any hint?

OK, could solve it myself. Obviously writing done the problems helps also and maybe someone else can use this:
The sunshine duration as well as rain counter is available via system internal variable. And within ccu there is a checkbox to mark them as internal or not. As soon as unselected, the variable is also available via gateway extras.