Homebridge doesn`t show items of openhab2

Hi, i just spent days to resolve my homebridge problem, but it won`t work. I followed this manual https://www.npmjs.com/package/homebridge-openhab. After startup i receive this message with “sudo systemctl status homebridge”:

● homebridge.service - LSB: Start daemon at boot time
   Loaded: loaded (/etc/init.d/homebridge)
   Active: active (exited) since Sun 2017-09-03 13:55:41 CEST; 1min 26s ago
  Process: 620 ExecStart=/etc/init.d/homebridge start (code=exited, status=0/SUCCESS)

After that i have to start manually “homebridge”, then homembridge is visible within Homekit, but without any items of openhab.

[9/3/2017, 2:22:50 PM] Loaded plugin: homebridge-openhab
[9/3/2017, 2:22:50 PM] Registering platform 'homebridge-openhab.openHAB'
[9/3/2017, 2:22:50 PM] ---
[9/3/2017, 2:22:50 PM] Loaded config.json with 0 accessories and 1 platforms.
[9/3/2017, 2:22:50 PM] ---
[9/3/2017, 2:22:50 PM] Loading 1 platforms...
[9/3/2017, 2:22:50 PM] [openHAB] Initializing openHAB platform...
[9/3/2017, 2:22:50 PM] [openHAB] Platform - Fetching OpenHAB devices.
[9/3/2017, 2:22:50 PM] [openHAB] Platform - Connecting to
[9/3/2017, 2:22:50 PM] Loading 0 accessories...
Scan this code with your HomeKit App on your iOS device to pair with Homebridge:
    │ 031-45-154 │     
[9/3/2017, 2:22:51 PM] Homebridge is running on port 51826.

My items all have tags:

Switch TV_Schlafzimmer "TV Schlafzimmer" <television> (ogSchlafzimmer) [ "Switchable" ] {mqtt=">[ mosquitto:cmnd/sonoff123/power:command:ON:1],>[mosquitto:cmnd/sonoff123/power:command:OFF:0]" }

Does anyone have an idea?

Thanks Jesco

In the service folder, the “homekit.cfg” was missing. I created manually, now the items/accessoires are all visible in Homekit.

Hi, I use Homebridge with OH2 as well.
Homebridge connects to OH and I can pair the home.app with the bridge.

RIght now I have one item in my Sitemap only, which refers to an item, which is properly tagged (worked with openhab Homekit addon before).

I created a homekit.cfg in service directory.
Does not work.

Any idea? Could you share your homekit.cfg and/or othe config (.sitemap, .items)?
Anyhow, home.app doesn’t show my item.

Thx, Bodo

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I have the same problem. Homebridge with homebridge-openhab. Homebridge is connecting to openHAB but loads no items.

Loading 0 accessories...

@jjj you said, that you created a HomeKit.cfg in the openHAB service directory. Could you tell a little bit more about it?

Hi Andrè, after I installed the Homekit Service using Paper UI, the homekit.cfg in the service folder was missing. So i created manually with these values:
org.openhab.homekit:networkInterface= //instead of localhost, i was using before

The second thing was, I created a “special” homebridge sitemap (beside my standard one). This shouldn`t have the frame labels inside!
It looks like:

sitemap homebridge label="Homebridge"{
        	Switch item=TV label="TV"
                Switch item=Stehlampe label="Stehlampe"

The last thing, don`t forget to tag your items!

Switch TV "TV" <television> (egWohnzimmer) [ "Switchable" ] {your command}

Here`s a good “howto” in german: https://www.unixe.de/openhab-2-anbindung-an-homekit/

As I wrote, it runs fine now. Cheers Jesco

Hi Jesco,

I think, that you are now using Homekit Service installaed from Paper UI. You don’t need homebridge anymore. Or are you able to configure rollershutters?

Cheers, André