Homebridge items in openHAB

I am using homebridge-openhab2-complete and the homebridge-samsung-tizen plugin within homebridge. This plugin provides better functionality that anything I can find for openHAB. Does anyone know how I can expose homebridge things and / or items to openHAB?

Sorry if this is a rookie question.

Did you find an Solution for you?
I habe the Same Problem with my ecovacs.

Best Regards

Hi Chris,

The short answer is no, I didn’t. But I did research it at the time and I think it was possible using webhooks and the openHAB HTTP binding.

I ended up going down a different track, not implementing the particular functionality I was really wanting at the time. From memory, I think it was about volume control and power toggling etc. The problem was eliminated when I bought a Logitech Harmony Hub and that proved to be a far superior way to do what I wanted using the HarmonyHub binding. I’ve since rebuilt my openHAB machine using openHAB 3 and with it’s better HomeKit support, I no longer use HomeBridge.