Homebuilder seems very nice but there are no possibilities to save the configuration and each time it’s necessary to begin from scratch.
Actually, it’s not possible to update the configuration with this tools.
Another missing functionality is to associated a channel in the config.

Hello - Im in the process of moving from OpenHab1 to 2.
Wanted to slowly start moving away from text based config and try and use the newer automated config.
Have managed to add first couple of binds through auto discovery (Omnilink and PioneerAVR - thank you to contributors for making these possible) so now turning my focus to replacing front ends.
I need the iOS app which i think still relies on sitemaps (rather then fully going HabPanel although starting that for at home)
Looking at HomeBuilder - Is this still recommended approach for starting to layout sitemaps.
Three questions.

  1. Always seems to start from scratch - ie I’ve created my house already previously and saved everything to internal storage. - Is this right?
  2. Does not seem to know about existing auto discovered items ie House Themostats - i want to add these to the rooms Ive created - Is this right?
  3. I still have to manually cut and paste the resulting sitemap into the directory on my server as it does not get auto created through the tool - is that right?

Still think this all fantastic.