HOMEGAR - Version requirement is a nightly build - is that really true?

as I was playing around with my homematic installation I noticed that in the documentation the required minimum version for Homegear is stated as 0.8.0 - 1988. Unfortunately the 0.8.x version is used for the nightly builds.

As stability is important for me it would be good to know why this was written here. Does anyone know? I currently have minor issues and wonder if they could be related to that, as I’m still using the stable 0.7.x for the reasons above.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot

You exhibit a not uncommon misunderstanding here.
When a software is tagged “stable” that does not mean it runs stable. That (usually) just means it does not change in terms of features.
If you have issues then your system does NOT run stable. If stability is important to you as you say, you should replace the “stable” homegear with the nightly one because it works more stable than the “stable” does.

Of course. I don’t know to answer your question but the docs say so for a reason.
More play on words, I myself have been having problems all day before I moved from unstable stable to stable nightly.

Hi Ludwig,

I have tried to find the change in the history, but the version reference has been changed more than 3 years ago and the history contains no information about this version change.

However, I would assume that there is a function built into Homegear that is required by the binding.

Thanks a lot for the fast reply. I did the upgrade, but the issue didn’t go away, it just became more deterministic. See Issue here. Unfortunately I don’t have the slightest clue why this is happening.

Thanks for your support. This should be continued in my issue I suppose.