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I have a setup of an RPi3 running OH2 on it. Also, I have installed the homegear CCU2 emulation software and activated/installed the homematic binding. I have succesfully connected a rollershutter actor to openhab which is working fine. Now I ordered a homematicIP device (a heating valve) and I am trying to add it to the CCU2 family. Unfortunately it doesn´t get discovered.

I know HomemticIP devices should be compatible to the CCU2 Bridge, but I am not sure if it is really working with the homegear emulation. If it is compatible, what am I doing wrong? Anything that needs to get configured before the new HomematicIP device can get discovered successfully?

Thanks for your help in advance!!

You better ask questions regarding Homegear in the Homegear forum.

With a normal CCU HomematicIP work without problems with the OH Homematic binding.

Well, I think I´m better preserved here. I used to install the CCU emulation software through the openhab2 image config tool so who should know better if this installtion is compatible with HomemtaicIP devices?!

I´ve read through the homematic binding doc and it is described there that it should be compatible with HomematicIP devices, therefore you have to change a setting in openhab.cfg, which does not exist anymore in OH2…

So I guess there must sth. be set up in any other setting which I don´t know. Or it doesn´t work in general the way I thought it would, but then I must send the HomematicIP devices back to the vendor…

edit: after some more investigation through the web I think I started mixing things together. So I think in the moment it is not possible to use my installed homegear installation with HomematicIP devices, because it is just not supporting it. So YAHM seems to support HomematicIP devices and I wonder if I should just switch over to YAHM. Any pros or cons for YAHM in combination with OH2?

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Homegear does not (yet) support the Homematic IP protocol. The only way to control Homematic IP without the HmIP gateway is using a CCU2 or one of the projects based on the OCCU packages.

YAHM supports HomematicIP!

I want to report back that my system is working fine now. For whom may be interested: Using openhab2 with hometic IP devices is working fine in combination with YAHM. One thing you probably will have to do is to upgrade you hm mod rpi pcb module. Best way to do this is to image Rasperrymatic and boot it, this will automatically upgrade the Firmware of your module. After that you can go back to you openhabian image.

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