HomeKit: Accessory Out Of Compliance - 3.1.0M2


I’ve been using HomeKit for a few months now and had it working fine, until very recently (right around, but I can’t say for sure) the 3.1.0M2 upgrade. Now, HomeKit shows devices as not responding. In troubleshooting, I finally decided to remove and repair the bridge, along with resetting the pairings. Now, when attempting to add the openHAB bridge I get the error “Accessory is out of compliance” and the bridge cannot be added.

I’ve captured a log of the pairing process and can’t identify anything causing the issue. If it’s a metadata misconfiguration, it is unclear to me how to identify where the error is and resolve it.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot this further?

the issue is the color temperature. there is a bug in the library we use. the only solution for now - remove colour temperature.


we have update the library. color temperature should work now.
the error “Accessory out of compliance” is also shown when the values of the item are out of range.
e.g. for color temperature home app expects values between 50 and 400. if openhab sends 0, it leads to the “out of compliance” error. in such case either change the value of openhab item or change the range with minValue/maxValue parameters in homekit metadata

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