Homekit add-on: device is still controllable even though the thing is offline


I’d like to report a small issue with HomeKit add-on. I added a few OpenHAB items to HomeKit and find those accessories are still controllable even though the thing in OpenHAB is offline. I think it would be the correct behaviour to indicate that the accessory is “no response” instead.

good question but i dont think it is possible.
the home app assumes that all the different devices connected directly and show “no response” if a device is not responding at network level. in our case however, home app connects only to one device - “openHAB” which acts as bridge. so, no response in our cases is shown when the bridge, i.e. openHAB, is not responding.

some of items, mainly sensors, have flag called “ActiveStatus”. but not sure how this is visualised in home app

I’m not suggesting bridge should be shown as offline, but rather individual accessory from the bridge can show no response when the bridge lost connection to that individual accessory. Like Hue bridge, if you turn off power of one light bulb, it will show no response for that particular light, but the bridge is still online.

if hue can do it, then it should be possible for us.
just to confirm - if hue light has no power it shown in home app (and not in hue app) as not responsive?

Hi, in Home app only the disconnected bulb will show “No Response”. I don’t use Hue app so not sure what shows there.