Homekit add-on not showing up after upgrade to openhab 3 with openhabian

I have upgraded my raspberry pi system to openhab 3 with openhabian. Before I was using the openhab 2 version 5.12. I have make backup before upgrading.
After upgrading the majority of the system worked. Also the homekit did work till the first reboot. After the reboot it is not in the add-on : bindings listed as installed. Also not listed in the available add-ons. Now I am looking for the homekit add-on but am unable to locate it. Any help is welcome.

Its not a binding - its misc

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I was able to install the add-on. Now rebooting. Hopefully it will show up on my iPhone.
After the reboot the homekit add-on disappeared.
Re-installed it several times but every time after a reboot it is gone.
Before rebooting I have stopped the service with sudo service openhab restart. Now it is visible after reboot.
In the setting I have configured everything like port, pin and network interface. The bridge becomes not visible.
In OH2 I could clear the pairings with smarthome:homekit clearPairings but this does not work for me in OH3. I do get the message: Command not found: smarthome:homekit
Do I have the wrong command or is something else wrong?

In OH to clear the pairings the right command is: homekit clearPairings
And the next step is to homekit allowUnauthenticated true

I am now able to link it with my iPhone.

I will continue to see if everything is working.
Will update accordingly.

few notes:

  • smarthome was rename to openhab, ie. the command is now openhab:homekit
  • you dont need to clearPairing. the old pairing should still work. but if you did clearPairing you need to remove also the bridge manually in the home app
  • another important change with OH3. the tagging using labels is not supported anymore, e.g.
    instead of
Switch KitchenLights "Kitchen Lights" [ "Lighting" ]

you need to use

Switch KitchenLights "Kitchen Lights" {homekit="Lighting" }

It is working now.
I was aware that the old label[ "Lighting" ] was not allowed anymore.
I already commented those out in the .items file.

Thanks for the info.

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