Homekit and Somfy Roller Shutters

I was able to add my somfy roller shutter to appear in the homekit interface, and but it does not respond, even when open the openhab, it appears that it was opened, but in reality it does not open, what shall I do, to make the homekit app work with the roller shutter.

to me, it sounds more like an issue with somfy binding or roller shutter itself.
Does somfy roller shutter works if you control it via openhab, e.g. web ui?
how it is configured?

Yes the roller shutter works with openhab, it is configured as a roller shutter, but it on the openhab ui, the roller shutter does not operate by percentages, it either you open it or close it, or a pause button, unlike it in the homekit app

ok. this is good that you can open and close it via openhab ui.
few questions to further narrow down the issue

  • is status shown in homekit (open/close) correct?
    • compare to physical device
    • compare to status in openhab
  • if open / close rollershuter in home app does status change in openhab?
  • if you change percentage in home app, does percentage change in openhab?
  • do you see anything in the logs, especially in the events.log ? Logging | openHAB


I’m running Connexoon and OH 2.5.11 - all bindings are up to date. I added the Thing via MS Visual Studio and its OpenHAB Plugin.
My config looks like this:

 Rollershutter Control_Kinderzimmer_2 "Kinderzimmer 2 Rollladen [%.1f]" (OG_Kinderzimmer2) {homekit="WindowCovering, WindowCovering.CurrentPosition, WindowCovering.TargetPosition, WindowCovering.PositionState" [inverted="true"],channel="somfytahoma:rollershutter_silent:<your--ultra-long-thing-ID:control"}

Works fine here!

Maybe official helps:

BTW: I was never able to get the slats working (orientation on openHAB Tahoma binding)