Homekit Binding: Cannot share / invite anymore


Due to a minor issue on one of the items I resetted the openHAB bridge connection on my iPhone (which was a mistake btw. because the minor issue could have been fixed via a slight configuration change but here we are now…).
I re-paired to the HomeKit binding which was a pain at the beginning as my iPhone kept telling me that a bridge is already added. But this is well documented.

However, I am now struggling inviting my partner into our home. I remember that there was a button inside the red square of the following screenshot where you could invite people to your home. There is no button anymore.

Anything which I am missing in the configuration?

OK. Issue found… :frowning:
According to Share control of your home - Apple Support: " If Home has been upgraded to the new Home architecture, you must set up a home hub to share control of your home."

So far I did not use a Homepod.

Is there a workaround?
I would very much like to share the access to my family members.
Or is there a solution on the way?

I ended up buying a homepod mini. It was a good decision. Since then the system (Home app) is much more responsive. No more waiting until devices show up online and I can control it also remotely without having to deal with VPN or something. High WAF so yeah, get a HomePod is the only way. No workaround I found at least.

Ok. Is it still linked to openHAB so all items can be controlled via the HomePod?

Otherwise, I was thinking that the HomeKit OHbinding “Multiple Instances” could be used someway.

All openHAB items are exposed to the homepod via the openHAB homekit addon. On the Home app they are listed as bridged item with openHAB being the bridge.

Actually, no difference to the behaviour before without the Homepod. But much more responsive and controllable while not being at home.

I hope this makes sense?

Yes it does. Thanks!

This issue, with not being able to invite family members to HomeKit, does not seem to be a big thing for openHAB users.
Are they not using iPhones or are they using some other smart voice command binding that also works on Apple Watches?