Homekit Binding: Cannot share / invite anymore


Due to a minor issue on one of the items I resetted the openHAB bridge connection on my iPhone (which was a mistake btw. because the minor issue could have been fixed via a slight configuration change but here we are now…).
I re-paired to the HomeKit binding which was a pain at the beginning as my iPhone kept telling me that a bridge is already added. But this is well documented.

However, I am now struggling inviting my partner into our home. I remember that there was a button inside the red square of the following screenshot where you could invite people to your home. There is no button anymore.

Anything which I am missing in the configuration?

OK. Issue found… :frowning:
According to Share control of your home - Apple Support: " If Home has been upgraded to the new Home architecture, you must set up a home hub to share control of your home."

So far I did not use a Homepod.