Homekit Binding device types

Hi all

I am having a play with platforms, and am looking to migrate form HA. I was looking through the online info and it appears the homekit binding provides very limited support for devices (light, switch, temp and humidity).

Is there a reason for this? HA supports a vast number of device types, which ideally I would like to still display in Home app via openhab2

Thanks in advance

The HomeKit binding in OH is an out of date weak point of the system. I’m sure one day it will be updated!

In the meantime, many of us have found a fix that works quite well. It’s a combo between openhab and node red. See my tutorial here:

PS- welcome to openhab! I made the switch from home assistant earlier this year

How have you found it?

So node red exposes them as individual entities - I assume from your write up that each device needs setting up (those that the OH Binding doesn’t recognise)

Node red exposes a bridge to homekit. Add the bridge - all of the items show up. When I want to add something new it takes no interaction with homekit, just shows up in my default room.

This setup has been working very well for me. I’m running OH and NR on one pi 3 B+ along with a few other things. Openhab and node red work very well together (it’s available as an add on from openhabian).

What kind of hardware will you be using? (switches, windows, doors, etc)

Sounds good. I have an pi 3 b+ with aeotec Z wave stick

Device wise I have,
Hikvision NVR,
Nest Protects,
Doorbird doorbell,
Z Wave: door, window, motion, temp, luminance, socket outlets, fibaro switches,
Heatmeiser neo stats

Or keep your ha just for homekit. I’ve done this. Though with the new 2.4 version of the mqtt binding it is a bit more difficult.

The upshot is that openHAB will post everything to mqtt, the you implement the items you want to expose in ha.

I did this for a while. It worked well, in the end I decided to run node red and openhab on the same pi rather than running two systems one each OH and HA…

The way nodered communicates with OH is through the REST API so all item states are pushed over REST. Either way works! I’m all for everyone doing what they’re comfortable with.