HomeKit: Binding to access HomeKit items from openHAB?

Dear Community,

I would be interested if there is a binding (or any other way) to access HomeKit items from openHAB.
I know, that the other way around (openHAB exposed as bridge to HomeKit) does work pretty well. But for some reason I want to change that.

So, I would be very interested, if there is a way to access HomeKit items from openHAB.

There isn’t a binding :confused: but you can create virtual proxy items in OpenHAB and link them in Homekit to them HomeKit items.

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correct. there is no binding for homekit. it is on wishlist for openHAB 4.0

check if you homekit devices support other protocols, e.g. i have connected some netatmo homekit devices using netatmo binding and exposed them again using openHAB addon.

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