HomeKit Binding with Homematic Thermostat

Hey guys,

this morning I tried to setup the homematic Thermostat (HM-CC-RT-DN) with the HomeKit binding. Everything just works fine except the control modes. In the Home App I see the modes: OFF, HEAT, COOL and AUTO. But these are not the modes my homematic thermostat knows. These are. AUTO-MODE, COMFORT-MODE, LOWERING-MODE and MANU-MODE. Is there a possibility to change the mode definitions? Or is this a unchangeable apple home kit thing?

And the next question is regarding the setup of the modes. The homematic switch knows the modes as single switches. So there is a switch channel for every mode. Is it possible to define this in the HomeKit Binding? The problem is, that there is not a string - as far as I know - which can switch the control mode.

Thank you!!

Dear @Max_Bec ,

I have a related issue. I have no clue how to find the right replacements (if needed) for matching the Homekit mode strings with the ones fitting to my thermostat:

If the issue here was resolved: Could you recommend a solution in that thread? Thanks