Homekit Bridge (org.openhab.io.homekit) to control AV Receiver

Hi guys,

I am playing around with the org.openhab.io.homekit addon and it works great so far with the few things I have enabled.
I am able to turn my AV Receiver ON and OFF with Siri and I am wondering if it is also possible to have other controls enabled for it like:
“Mute Receiver”
“Unmute Receiver”
“Receiver Volume Up”
“Receiver Volume Down”

The wikipage only mentions lights and thermostats?

You’re restricted by what Siri supports as control phrases for home automation devices, not by the HomeKit extension.

As far as I know, none of those are possible I’m afraid.

for me it works with the Onkyo-Receiver Binding by adding the adding the lighting-tag via Rest-API to a sound volume item.

Thanks for the tip.
I tried that just now and my head almost exploded when I told Siri to turn the volume on in the living room and it set the volume to 100% in a very loud movie scene :wink: :smiley:

But those commands work then with Siri when I call the item “Volume”:
Turn the volume to 30%
Set the volume to 30%

What does not work properly but Siri responds ok are the following commands:
Turn off the volume -> Siri will set the HomeKit item to OFF, but it does not change the volume or anything else.
Turn on the volume -> Siri will set the HomeKit item to ON and volume goes to 100%, brace yourself

When saying “Mute the volume” Siri responds that it does not support this feature.

I use the Yamaha Binding
My item config is the following:

Dimmer Yamaha_Volume_HK “Volume” (F1_Livingroom, AVR, Entertainment) [“Lighting”] { channel=“yamahareceiver:yamahaAV:XXXXXXXX_XXXX_XXXX_XXXX_XXXXXXXXXXXX:volume” }