Homekit bridge to OH3 lost

Since a few days, Homekit has not connection to OH3 anymore.

Tried to clear pairings and reboot, but the bridge doesn’t show up in homekit anymore. The devices are still in the Homekit up, only the bridge is missing. Has anymore any idea what can be done is such case? Any other services still working (openhab app, paper ui, …)


Hi Klaus
probably you need to delete the complete home in home app and pair again

Thx Eugen,

which folders do i have to delete exactly?


Hi Klaus,

not on openhab server but in the iphone home app. please try to delete “home” there and add it again

best regards

Just checked my Home App. The openhab bridge is missing, too. But everything is working fine.
Maybe this is related to the latest iOS 14.6 update?

Hi, thx it worked!!!

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right, same on my side. it was before upgrade to latest iOS there but now i see only other bridges but not openhab. but everything works as before

Is there a way to get the bridge back into the Home App without the need to rearrange and sort everything again afterwards? (Nearly 100 exposed items to HomeKit :roll_eyes: )

I am having the same problem! Any updates?