HomeKit: Change name of HomeKit-Item

Hello everyone,

I am currently in the process of expanding my openHAB with HomeKit. The connection to HomeKit works and Itmes can be added and operated wonderfully. Unfortunately, HomeKit takes the label stored in OH as the name for the new item by default.

My label (floor_room_type - e.g. groundfloor_kitchen_light), however, unfortunately causes HomeKit to interchange, which results in unnecessary renaming work in Home. This would be ok as far as it goes, if this would not be lost with every restart…

Question: Can I create my own name for HomeKit via the metadata in OH? If so - how? This would have to be provided im my opinion, since e.g. with the light the possibility for lighting.name exists. What is the correct syntax here so that HomeKit takes this over?

Is it correct to configure it in the item via the metadata or is there a trick?

value: Lighting, KitchenLicht.name
config: {}


no you can’t , but you can change name of the item in home app without any problem. In accessorie details you will still see item symbol.
Maybe this could be an a future request to give different name for homekit addon in metadata

Thank you very much for the answer. What is ligthing.name good for then? This is provided for the naming as METAdata?

we have implemented it as it was mentioned in the apple documentation as the way to set the name. but for some reason it is not working as expected. maybe obsolete, maybe we got it wrong, maybe it is working only in specific cases, e.g. complex accessories. we kept it with the hope that it might work in the future or in some cases.

you would need to tag openHAB String item with this metadata and set then the value.
otherwise, homekit uses the name of openhab item as the name for home app.

Group           gLight "Lights"                        {homekit = "Lighting"}
Switch          myLight "My Light"  (gLight)       {homekit = "Lighting.OnState"}
String          myLightName (gLight )       {homekit = "Lighting.Name"}

and then set the value of myLightName

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