HomeKit CO2 sensor


I have a CO2 sensor that sends data over mqtt and according to the documentation from the homekit addon I can tag it in OH3 as CarbonDioxideSensor or CarbonDioxideSensor.CarbonDioxideLevel I doesn’t display the reading from the sensor in the homekit app only if I click on it and open it . I tried any of those tag alone or together it still doesn’t show unless I open the item .
This is how it is configured (item as a number )

and this is what the homekit app shows

in the main screen of the room :

after opening it

is there a way of making it show the current level in the main screen of the room (like the Lux value next to it ) or this is just how the homekit app handles it ?

I believe this is how homekit handles CO2 sensors. I have the same with my Netatmo, regardless if i run this directly in homekit or via openHab. It´s a bit odd, maybe there is indeed someone here who finds a workaround. I also would like to display variables or a state ( i could think of a timer or a finished washingmachine state ) in homekit like your LUX example but i haven’t seen a solution for this yet

thanks, then i will leave it how it is


on the other hand, that´s why we love openHab 3.0 :slight_smile: , great flexibility to build widgets