Homekit Color choice problem

I’ve just bound a test setup to homekit however there are some problems. Colors over siri don’t work, the hue of whatever was set before just changes a little, however Picking colors in the classic UI and in the Home app works.

In the Home app the color wheel doesnt slide around properly, Instead it locks to a radius from the centre that is the brightness, this means i cant select white in the home app.

Here are my config files:

//Items File

Switch Demo_Switch “Demo Switch” [“Switchable”]
Color Demo_Light “Demo Light” [“Lighting”]

//Sitemap File

sitemap home label=“Home”
Frame label=“Demo”
Switch item=Demo_Switch
Colorpicker item=Demo_Light

what are you using in this setup ?

Philips Hue Lamp ? - RGB Strip - what Controller ? …

im using a philips hue lamp

did you install the Hue Lamp with PaperUI or manually ?
i added my new philips hue lamps 2 days ago, without any problem…

Where do you set your channels ? i cant see it in your items config.

If you added them with PaperUI, you should have something like this:
(the XXXXXXXX is your Bridge Serial Number - and 210 stands for RGB Lamps)

Switch	Light1_Toggle		"Stehlampe"			<stehlampe>		(PhilipsHUE)	{ channel="hue:0210:XXXXXXXX:1:color" }
Dimmer	Light1_Dimmer		"Helligkeit"		<sun>			(PhilipsHUE)	{ channel="hue:0210:XXXXXXXX:1:color" }
Color	Light1_Color		"Farbe"				<hue>			(PhilipsHUE)	{ channel="hue:0210:XXXXXXXX:1:color" }

if you added the Hue Bridge manually (things-file), your item should looks like this:

Switch	Light1_Toggle	    "Stehlampe"	  { channel="hue:0210:1:bulb1:color" }
Dimmer	Light1_Dimmer       "Helligkeit"  { channel="hue:0210:1:bulb1:color" }
Color	Light1_Color		"Farbe"       { channel="hue:0210:1:bulb1:color" }

Do i need an item for the status, brightness and color. Ive only got an item for color. I did set it up through paper UI. However i seem to have figured out that it is a problem with the saturation. it means that all colors from homekit are interpreted as the saturation i enter in paperui.

do you use the homekit plugin?

why dont you try all of the items above?

maybe my thread helps you here:

yes - homekit/siri works fine here

here you can find my thread about it:

Have you been able to solve the problem. I am having the same issue with my homekit integration. Although I dont have Hue lights I have Milight. But when trying to change the color in homekit it doesnt allow you to select most colors and it jumps back to the closest color it thinks works. When I change the color on paper ui it works just fine.

I for got to add. I added all of my things items ect with paper ui.