HomeKit configuration borked access to openHAB web UI?

I am using the latest version of openhabian on a Raspberry Pi 3.

I was attempting to solve an issue connecting my setup to the Apple Home app on my phone when, in error, I set the IP address for HomeKit in the PaperUI HomeKit settings to the same IP as the web UI for openHAB instead of the raspi’s wifi NIC… and so, sure enough, I can no longer access the web UI (or my Raspi via SSH… or via the Samba shares… so, watch out, this setting can really bork your setup).

Does anyone know what the best approach is for clearing this setting to restore access and functionality? My thinking so far is:

  • Switch my raspi from headless to a keyboard and mouse setup, and try to edit the appropriate config file(s) that way
  • Pull the SD card and manually edit config files that way

I’m not sure exactly where to find the requisite parameter in the config files, so if you can share that information I would be much obliged.

If you are already familiar with SSH, just connect a keyboard and a screen to the RPi and use the console. If I remember correctly, the root of the samba share is in /usr/share/openhab2.

If it’s not there, either find in the wiki where it is or look at your Samba configuration (I’m pretty sure it’s /etc/samba/smb.conf) where it is.

I think that’s the most direct route, next time I can physically connect input devices to the Pi.

Does anyone happen to know where the HomeKit configuration lives in the directory structure? I am literally brand new to HomeKit - this issue arose as I was initially attempting to get my phone to talk to OH.

Interestingly, HomeKit is the first home automation tech that’s given me any trouble. The Home app on my iPhone simply won’t load, even while my wife’s has no problems whatsoever. Apparently this is a fairly common problem. I finally fixed it, but then the Home app wouldn’t connect to OH, so in my frustration I screwed this up. Smooth! :rofl:

I’m glad I posted this under Beginners… it looks like the issue may have been network-related. Evidently my Pi hopped onto a different subnet due to co-incidental activity on the network. Web UI and all things/items are accessible at the new IP and the HomeKit setting I had attempted to change didn’t stick.

Back to the drawing board.