Homekit device without homekit

I just got a 3D printer filament dryer box, basically just a small enclosed heater that dries out printer filament. It does have an wireless network connection and there’s an app “Tuya Smart” that I can control the box from my iPhone/iPad. As I understand things this setup is for HomeKit.

I tried adding the HomeKit binding and that did not go well. Openhab hung, rebooted the system and when it came back up most of my config seemed to be lost. I deleted the homekit.json file, restarted and got everything back thankfully.

Is it possible to add this dryer box as a thing so I can control it via openhab? I’m gonna ask the manufacturer (GratKit dot com) for any assistance.

The box has presets for different types of 3D printer filament, temperature, fan speed and a timer. There’s also some RGB LEDs and they can be changed to different colors but if those weren’t controllable it wouldn’t be a big deal.