HomeKit doesn't work with HomePod


I used HomeKit Add-on without any problems. I just purchased a HomPodMini and I added it into the ios Home app.
Since I connected it is there no communication with the openhab as bridge within the ios app (no answers from Items).

If I delete the HomePod from app everything goes back to normal and works again fine.
When I delete the OH as bridge and pair the HomePod first than I unable to pair the OH.

I read and tested a lot of pairing throubleshoots but I found no more useful info on openhab community, neither in the HomeKit add-on docs.

I believe my equipments are up to date:
ios 16.2 on both iPhone and HomePod
OH: 3.4.0 Snapshot #3168

Has anyone has same problem?
As I’m using ios Beta version I’m also interested if somebody who has no issues which ios + OH versions are applied?
Many thanks, Imre

thank you for sharing. homepod is black box for us, we dont know how it works and what to do if does not work.

i dont have homepod myself, but i use apple tv and ipad (in the past) as bridges and it works fine.
do you have any “native” homekit devices that you can pair directly without openhab, just to check whether they would work with homepod?

Hi yfre,
good idea, yes, I have. I just connected a native lamp without using OH.
It works remotely thorough the homepod if I’m using mobile data only on my iPhone and the remote controling stopped when I deleted the homepod from the app.
So it seems the homepod works fine as bridge.

interesting. as i mentioned, homepod is a black box, i dont how it works.
can you please try one more thing - keep only very simple homekit accessories in openhap, something like basic lights.
especially remove homekit tags from Hue lights and complex accessories like thermostats and try one more time with homepod

I have already made this test. I purged all HomeKit related metadata entries from all Items and made a test lamp switch only. Was no communication with OH bridge.
Anyway thanks your hints, I’ll keep investigate it…
Today Apple launched another ios & pod beta version.

UPDATE: I just upgraded my Apple devices to 16.2 Beta 3 which came out today. Now my Items are online :slight_smile:
Probably there was a bug or incompatibility in the previous 16.2 Beta 2 version.
I don’t have paid Apple Developer account, therefore I have no acces to the official release notes of Betas, but the published summary writes about improved reliability, compatibility and Matter support.

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thank you for the update!
good to know