HomeKit HeatingThresholdTemperature Curiosity


I’m using a shelly switch and thermostat (over MQTT) to control a heater. I’m using my own rule to control the switch. It’s working very well, and I’m very happy with it.

I was curious about the HomeKit feature HeatingThresholdTemperature (HomeKit Add-on - System Integrations | openHAB). I understand what it’s intended for, but I don’t understand if it’s meant to be configurable by the user using HomeKit? Or should it change the HomeKit UI to reflect the value.

This is not important, I’m just curious.

The apple documentation doesn’t add much: Apple Developer Documentation

homekit/home itself has no logic to do anything with thresholds. home app can only be used to configure/set them and the actual device would do some magic, e.g. switch on/off heating on threshold. if device does not support, then thresholds will have no impact.

in home app it looks like this (found on internet)

Thank you. I haven’t been able to make that interface appear. I’ll keep playing around with it.