Homekit/Homebridge and Hey Siri

I have openhab setup for 1.8 and a working homebridge so that I can control what I want using siri on iOS. If I hold down the button and lift the phone to access voice control, and say, “siri, turn on my lamp” it will work, same for turn off.

If the phone is locked and I say, “hey siri, turn on my lamp” or “hey siri”, wait for the response, then “turn on my lamp”, it gives me an error, “sorry, that is not supported”.

Is this because the phone is locked and we don’t have access to that part of homekit from the locked phone? Is there something I can do to turn that on and use it?

I spent a good part of my weekend learning openhab on a pi2 with the aeon labs 5th gen usb stick and got a few things working, so I’m feeling pretty good with myself. Just ordered some GE light switches and fan switches.

Thanks for all of the great guides, pointers, etc here on the forums. I was able to set all of this up just by searching and googling, and this is my first post. :smile:

Hello wokka

i try to get rid with the bridge, but i have som problems t intergrate. Is there a binding for openHab.
Ich do so compilation an now i dont see the next steps.


My homebridge seem to work even with a locked iPhone. I just tried it by setting the temperature at a thermostat with my locked iPhone and even via the internet (with an Apple TV at home that transports the command into my home network).

BUT: Sometimes homekit has some hiccups. As far as I know this is a problem of the protocol itself. I also have some hue lamps with a new hue bridge which is homekit certified. From time to time homekit/Siri won’t let me change my lights - and there is no homebridge involved. I hope Apple will make homekit more solid in iOS10.