Homekit : HomeKit Accessory Protocol as of iOS11 : Software based authentication

@beowulfe (@Kai) Andy, I suppose you have noticed that Apple has now enabled a software based HAP authentication in iOS11.3, and that they have released the protocol specs of HAP (knowing that your HAP-Java library is based on reverse engineering), which are easily obtainable via a Apple Dev account. I have by no means investigated the source code of the current org.openhab.io.homekit implementation nor your java lib in detail, but taken those 2 facts into account, is that something that we can use to bring the openHAB HomeKit functionality to the next level?

Yes, they actually published the software with specs a while ago. That lead to a few changes in the HAP-java library (although not as many as you’d expect).

The limitation has been more around how to map items to accessories. With the new metadata layer introduced to OH last week, I’ve started work on supporting the full range of accessory types.


@beowulfe Ok, does that also means that in theory (and hopefully in practice) that Apple’s Home app on iOS could be used as a full replacement for the OH std GUI’s we currently have in place, and that in that sense, the software based authentication would remove any limitation (as so far that being non-MFI compliant was an issue wrt OH)

For control, yes, you should be able to do everything inside the Home app. You’ll still need to add your Things and Items to OH the standard way(s)

MFI is a certification program - I don’t have any plans of pursuing that. The only limitation in that is the warning you receive during pairing.

@beowulfe is there any timeline on adding some of the new accessories (personally I’m looking for Garage Door Openers). I had started poking away at the code, but I’m not super well versed in Java (Ruby dev) so the going is pretty slow.