HomeKit: HomeMatic Dimmer and Hue-Lamps

For some days I am now using openhab 2 (and now the released version) (before and still I use iobroker)
I got it running quite easily and so I now want to use advanced features: HomeKit
Everything I define as Switch works fine, but I have some dimmer and Hue-Lamps that do not work as expected

Dimmer DeckenlampeFlur		"Deckenlampe Flur [%d %%]"		<light> (gHKArbeit, gFlur) 						[ "Lighting" ]	 	{ channel="homematic:HM-LC-Dim1T-FM:xxxxxx:KEQ000xxxx:1#LEVEL" }

Color 	Hue3_Color		"Farblampe SZ"	<colorwheel> 	(gHueColor, gLampenSZ, gHKSchlafen)		[ "Lighting" ]	{ channel="hue:xxxxxxxxxx:1:color" }

If I set a new Level for a dimmer in HomeKit (e.g.: Apple Home App) it first goes to 100 % and then to the new Level.

The reaction of the Hue-Lamps is similar:
If I switch the color or the level from a single item then it seems to work
but if I use them in a scene (3 of them)
then they switch to 100 % and back to 0 % mostly, but sometime also some level in between.
The same for the color. Changing it in a scene does not work, it mostly stays the same