HomeKit Integration - add openHAB to Apple device not possible

Basic Data:
openHAB 2.5.10 Release Build
misc-homekit - 2.5.10
Apple iPhone IOS 14.2

Can’t connect my iPhone to openhab Homekit.

OSGi Console:
log:set TRACE io.github.hapjava
log:tail io.github.hapjava

Apple iPhone:
Try to add openhab to home app

  • add device
  • have no code or scan is not possible
  • push on openhab symbol
  • no certified device, add anyway
  • enter code from homekit configuration
    -> connect to device, but nothing happens
    after some seconds: device cannot be added

OSGi Console:
nothing happens… no log entries

If i made a port scan with the iphone to openhab ip and port 9124 a log in OSGi comes up…

So i think there must be a problem with the connection from apple home app to homekit or?

Is there a Problem with the new IOS 14.2?
Does anybody else have the same problem?

have you found a solution ? i have the same problem