HomeKit integration in settings missing

Hi guys,
i made a fresh install of OH 4.0.2 on my Pi3.
After this i restored my settings via cli-backup.
After this, my Home-App on iPad was not working anymore, so i decided to remove the OH bridge from it. Went into the OH settings in main UI but i dont find the “HomeKit integration-settings” anymore.
Reinstalled the addon and did a restart, still nothing.

Am i stupid or is this a bug? (maybe there is another valid explanation, lol :wink:

TY so much

Add-on configurations are currently located on the add-ons’s page. Navigate to Settings → Other Add-ons → Homekit → little blue gear icon.

In the near future these settings will be moved again to a more obvious place. PR is in work but not yet merged.

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Oh wow, there it is! TY!

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