HomeKit integration stopped working

Hi Everyone,

Untill today I could control my lights with homekit. Suddenly today Openhab bridge was still visible in homekit, but al connected lights were gone. I removed Openhab from homekit, and then tried to reconnect is by scanning the QR in the HomeKit Integration settings page. Homekit then gives the message ‘accessory already added’.
I use Openhab 3.20 on synology (Docker). I did not change anything in my Configuration. It just suddenly stopped working.

Any Ideas?

I had this and it was only resolved by clearing the pairing in the karaf console.

Ok, never used that console before. I Will have a look at that.

in general, it is not a good idea to remove accessories from home app. this is valid not only for openHAB but also for “native” homekit device, e.g. cameras. if something removed from home app then it usually require compete reset of the device before it can be added again.
In our case as @crystollic mentioned you need to execute the command “homekit clearPairings” from karaf console.

That did the trick! ThanKs


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