HomeKit Loses Openhab connection

I,m using Openhab 3 in a Docker container on synology with HomeKit integration. .Every now-and-then suddenly all Openhab items dissappear from HomeKit. Openhab is shown as a not supported accessory in HomeKit. The only way to get things working again is to remove Openhab from HomeKit, clearPairings in karaf console and then pair again. What could cause this problem?

Hi Ido,

which version of openhab do you use? do you have already settting regarding mDNS in your homekit setting (in main UI). please try to switch mDNS settings when you have it next time.

Hi Yfre,

I’m on Openhab 3.20. I am familiar with the mDNS switch. I use it when all my items are still visible in Homkekit but are not responding. In this case the items are all gone. The openhab bridge is suddenly shown as an accessory that is not compatible. Switching the mDNS swith does not help. The only thing that does help is removing openbab, clearpairings en re-pair.

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