Homekit Mapping & Shelly 2.5 for Blinds

Hi team,

hope everybody’s well. I am a beginner and started using OH3 on a Raspberry Pi with lots of Shelly components which are all implemented and work well so far. Recently started with mapping all Shelly components into Homekit devices - also that works so far.

However, there’s one Shelly 2.5 that we use for rollershutters that is always being shown as a Window in Homekit, not as a rollershutter. I can confirm that the Metadata for Apple HomeKit shows WindowCovering - exactly like for the other rollershutters that are working just fine.

I have deleted the mapping several times and redone it, but it always shows as a window in Homekit. I think I’ve tried the Window mapping in the very beginning when setting up the Homekit integration so maybe it got stuck in that mapping?

Does anybody have a clue what I could’ve done wrong?

Many thanks in advance,

try to rename this openhab item (change the id of it) and wait few seconds until home app refresh the list of accessories. afterwards you can rename it back if you wish.

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Thanks Eugen, I actually ended up in completing resetting the Shelly and re-adding it to OH.
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