Homekit metadata through Karaf console

Hi all,

I’m updating my homekit implementation from using tags to using metadata, because the tags are depricated and metadata can store more information.

For this, I now want to add a Vale with the irrigation type, which is shown in the documentation as following:
Group gValve "Valve Group" {homekit="Valve" [homekitValveType="Irrigation"]}

I know how to add the simple “Valve” information to the metadata, but how do I do this with the [homekitValveType="Irrigation"]} part?

Simply adding the “Valve” info the the gValue group do I do like this:
smarthome:metadata add gValve homekit Valve

Besides adding the irrigation info, I’m also wondering how to add 2 items like the example:
Switch valve_active "Valve active" (gValve) {homekit = "Valve.ActiveStatus, Valve.InUseStatus"}

As I figured it out by myself, I will answer myself for other people running into this problem.

This where the two commands in the Karaf console to use:

smarthome:metadata add gValve homekit Valve [homekitValveType=Irrigation]

smarthome:metadata add valve_active homekit "Valve.ActiveStatus, Valve.InUseStatus"

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