HomeKit modes for Eurotronic Spirit Z-wave Thermostat Valves

Hello all. I have some eurotronic spirit thermostats around my house.They’re working quite fine with openhab and I have now linked them with homekit as well. Within the settings of homekit you’re able to chose between different names of heating, cooling, auto and off. Does anyone in here have any expirences towards naming theese fields, to get something working in homekit?
I have a link for the manual here: https://youcontrol.dk/media/wysiwyg/Teknisk_Brugermanual.pdf
As far as i can see you can choose between the following modes:
Heat (this one I would define as auto or the default running one)
Energy Heat (This is like when you go on vacation you can change the thermostats to a more energy conserving setpoint)
Full Power (this enables boost mode for 5 minutes)

Dear @esbenuth,

I have the same issue:

Were you able to solve this? Thanks.

As I recall 0 is off and 1 is auto, boost is 11 . But I just send the targettemp and the thermostats do all the automation themselves. I’ve just updated my HomeKit thermostats with auto, but this is only cosmetic at this point

I use node-red against HomeKit instead of the flawed HomeKit binding

Hmm. I would like to use it using the modes. I got a hint to use dummy items and rules to translate (see the link I posted above) but this is lots of manual work for a simple translation of values - at least, this is my naive impression