Homekit multiple instances

Hello! I have OH 3.3.0 and use Homekit.
All setups with items and Homekit were made by UI. Not text definition.
Now I want to create new bridge and add new items to Homekit. But I don`t understand how to do it.
HomeKit Add-on - System Integrations | openHAB show setups of multiple bridges only for text definition items and text definition of Homekit setups.

Is it possible to make new bridge in my configuration? And how to do it?

upd Solution is simply to upgrade to 3.4 version.

Reading the docs seems to indicate that only one Homekit Bridge is supported. Based on my understanding, it would be unusual to have more than one bridge in a given home anyway.

If you want to change to a different Homekit Bridge, just follow the same instructions in the Quickstart at the top of the Homekit instructions to replace your current bridge with the new one.

It`s my mistake. I have some Openhab installations and forgot that multibridge can be possible from 3.4 version. At 3.4 version I can easy to setup number of Bridge from UI:

So solution is simly to upgrade to 3.4 version…

For rather big Object it is very usefull to cut Openhab`s (or other Systems) objects to some Bridges. Sometime I got situation, when a rather litlle changes in System can reset my setups in Homekit. For example reset all renames of objects, sortings, rooms and other things. There is better correcting some part of instalation than full of it.