Homekit name definition

openHAB version: 3.4

Hi is it possible to change the name of an item for the homekit same as fo alexa binding?

Switch        Buero_Fenster                     "Fenster"                           (Buero, Lights)         {alexa="Switch",   homekit="Switchable"             [name="Büro Fenster"]               ,   channel="mqtt:topic:Mosquitto:Buero:Fenster"}

in Alexa is the name of this item “Büro Fenster” in Homekit “Fenster” is there a way to use the same name or better to configer a name for Homekit only?

I have made the whole configuration due to textfiles but if i check the code in the ui for this items it says

value: Switchable
  name: Büro Fenster

I could now make extra item for each homekit integration but this seems the last solution for me

hm. not sure how Alexa get the name. you have added " [name=“Büro Fenster”] " to homekit and not alexa metadata. looks like Alexa bug for me.
anyway, currently, homekit uses the item label as the name. Alexa uses as well.

so, in your case you can have the same name as follow (remove “name =” and rename “Fenster” to “Büro Fenster”

Switch   Buero_Fenster   "Büro Fenster"    (Buero, Lights)  {alexa="Switch",   homekit="Switchable",   channel="mqtt:topic:Mosquitto:Buero:Fenster"}

If i do it like this the name is for the UI also “Büro Fenster” and this is something what i don’t want
UI should be “Fenster” because already in group gBüro
Homekit “Büro Fenster”
Alexa" Büro Fenster"

If homekit and alexa can have diffrent names this will be even better

currently, homekit only uses the item label as the name.
what you can do also, you can rename it directly in the home app. i.e. keep as it was in your first example, once the accessory is added to home app on iphone, rename there to “Büro Fenster”