HomeKit - no remote access


I need to admit that HomeKit binding is impressive. However I have huge problem to connect remotely through Home App.

When I’m connected to the same network as Raspberry Pi/OpenHab I’m able to control all devices through Home App. However, If I disconnect from Network OpenHab bridge in App get status “Unavailable” or “No connection”. Then I’m unable to control anything.

Yes, I have Apple TV (3rd generation, latest OS) and according to the Apple pages it should be enough to get remote access. I’m using iPhone 6 with latest iOS.

Thanks in advance for any clues!

Would interest me too how to connect over the Internet over Homekit to OH2

@semaf - in theory iCloud account + Apple TV - 3rd or 4th gen (or iPad with iOS10) . But in practice seems to be not working at least in my case.

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Do you have two factor authentication enabled on your iCloud account? iCloud Key Chain enabled on all the devices? If so, you might try logging out of iCloud on all your devices and then logging back in. Worst case, reset HomeKit and start again (that’s what I had to do).

HomeKit remote access has been much more reliable for me once I got an ATV4.

you MUST have a shared keyring in iCloud, two factor is not needed but recommended. I use this with ATV3 and iPad Pro, works like a charm

@alexander.karls I have:)

I think I’ve solved the problem. You need to logout from Apple TV, then login again (IMPORTANT - if Apple TV ask you to use previous Apple ID answer NO - answer yes gives no positive result in my case) then provide Apple ID and password and code generated by other Apple Device (2 factor authentication). Seems that method refresh the account on Apple TV

I found that I had to delete my Apple TV from the list of iCloud devices (I did it in Settings on my iPad) after logging out from iCloud on the Apple TV.

When you try to log into iCloud on the Apple TV the next time you get the whole two-phase authentication spiel, after which HomeKit finally appears on the Apple TV.