Homekit not working until i reduce the amount of items


i have a problem with the homekit 2.4.0 and 2.5.0M1 binding. For some reason it is impossible for me to successfully pair my ipad with. The pairing procedure stops without any issue except the ipad displays that it cannot pair…

As soon as I remove the majority of the homekit items, the pairing works but after I re-add some of them, the homekit items are displayed as “not responding” in the home app.

I have tired everything else. Delete the homekit.json with all backups. Do a clearPairings and a bundle:refresh but no success.

I’m currently running openhab in version 2.5.0M1 in docker, but i tired it aswell with 2.4.0.

These are the last log entries from homekit

2019-02-24 00:05:10.071 [TRACE] [pl.http.impl.NettyHomekitHttpService] - WRITE UnpooledUnsafeDirectByteBuf(ridx: 0, widx: 123, cap: 256) [/]:
00000000 69 00 B2 CA A6 84 57 69 25 A7 63 9B B0 91 DD B0 i…Wi%.c…
00000010 2D 40 7A 2A 37 CF 16 22 3E 91 A4 3E 23 96 64 A5 -@z*7…">…>#.d.
00000020 6C E6 71 A8 DA D7 FD F3 AD 70 12 37 20 FB 0D 93 l.q…p.7 …
00000030 CA 6E D3 82 5D E4 24 2E 1A 4D 14 0F 5B 48 0E 9D .n…].$…M…[H…
00000040 DA DE 61 4E D0 2D 1E B2 68 F6 B1 95 3B 7F C0 6E …aN.-…h…;…n
00000050 8E 3E 29 0B 81 32 5B 80 15 22 1D 8D 7C A4 7B 3F .>)…2[…"…|.{?
00000060 35 92 A6 C8 42 69 E9 37 38 62 44 12 A0 2E 17 34 5…Bi.78bD…4
00000070 4D B4 2C 71 15 E6 1F B5 ED F9 0C M.,q…
2019-02-24 00:05:10.081 [TRACE] [ons.LengthPrefixedByteArrayProcessor] - Received message of length 0. Existing buffer is 0
2019-02-24 00:05:10.082 [TRACE] [ons.LengthPrefixedByteArrayProcessor] - Returning 0 results
2019-02-24 00:05:10.085 [INFO ] [.hap.impl.http.impl.AccessoryHandler] - Terminated homekit connection from /
Waiting for data… (interrupt to abort)

Does anyone have an idea?

I just want to add that I have about 70 Homekit items of different types

How many items does the pairing work with and how many items does it not work with anymore?

thanks for your response. During my troubleshooting I found the new addon from @Tim_Harper which solved my issue. The new plugin seems to be much faster and not that buggy. Unfortunately the new plugin stops working about every 5 days. A simple restart of the binding solves this issue, but its still some kind of unsatisfying. I’m still investigating whats the cause of this. Any ideas?

@ccutrer may have some ideas. He’s running a rather large setup and has a lot of devices.

There are some fundamental limitations about how many devices can fit on a bridge. Eventually, we’ll have to have multi-bridge support in the OpenHab Homekit addon in order to overcome that limitation.

150 accessories is the max iOS will allow (counting the bridge itself). If you have fewer than that, but are still experiencing stability issues, it’s likely the protocol error I fixed earlier. You should try the latest build from https://github.com/hap-java/openhab2-addons