Homekit Room Binding

I am using HomeKit and i Have two Problem/Questions:

  1. sometimes after restarting openHAB the items are loosing the room and will be again within standard room
  2. is there a way to add items to a specific Room while adding them to the *.items file?

I can’t answer 1, but the answer to 2 is no. There is no concept of “Room” in .items files.

thanks @rlkoshak , do you also have the problem that after restarting openHAB all items are back in the standard room?

There is also a thread here, but with no solution yet:


I don’t use rooms, homekit, or zones so am not the best person tp help/

yep same problem, right now i switched to homebridge and its running without problem since 3 days, also rooms are working after restart :wink:

@theo69 As the room problem still exists: Is it a replacement für the homekit binding or an extension (keeping the HomeKit binding active)?

I don’t know what new progress is going on to fix this with the newest homekit binding development but check out this thread for information on that.

As for assigning rooms to HomeKit - this is done only through the Home app on iOS when adding things.

If you’d like a more stable options check my answers in the post here (note the first option is the same as what I linked above).

Personally, I use node-red to connect my openhab to homekit, it works great and hasn’t once “forgotten” my room assignments as the openhab binding did often.