Homekit - Stateless Programmable Switch

I haved searched a lot for a couple of hours and gone through the Apple HAP Specification.
Why isn’t Stateless Programmable Switch an option when creating items for homekit.

What I really want to do is to present all my light switches/buttons from the IHC/Elko Binding to Homekit to be able to activate homekit scenarios?

I’ m using Openhab 2.5.8

Stateless Programmable Switch is not implemented yet, looking for volunteers .
you can try to use “Switchable” in meantime.

I’m a volunteer!!!

I need Homekit to understand that it is a button to be able to set an action to a scenario or function in Homekit.
I think it’s pretty easy for you to start trying it out.

I mean you can just make a fake button in Openhab and export it to Homekit as a Stateless Programmable Switch. Then you can setup a scenario in Homekit and activate this scenario from Openhab - PaperUI or something?

I can help you as much as possible!?


you can also link “Switchable” to an action in openHAB action, or “Outlet” or “Lighting”. the main difference is actually the icon in home app :slight_smile:
you can mix them as you wish - i have “switchable” that control camera, lawn mower, light… i have outlet and lighting controlling lights, etc

the different to “stateless programmable switch” is that “stateless programmable switch” support different “single press”,“double press”, “long press”
the type above (switchable, outlet, lighting" supports only “ON” and “OFF”

regarding volunteer, we basically need some one to implement it in homekit binding.

I think the main different, and what I want to do is to connect the “stateless programmable switch” to an action/scenario. That is not possible with switchable = ON/OFF. You won’t get the option to select a link in HomeKit?!

Thanks for the fast replies!

Regards Björn K

not sure, i got it right.

i can add switchable to a scene in home app. e.g. i have “movie time scene” which close blinds, switch on TV, etc… this is a scene i trigger manually via home app.

a switchable can also trigger a scena in home. e.g. i have a lamp that is not connected to openhab but to homekit only. the motion sensor sends an event to openHAB, which change a status of a switch in homekit, which triggers a scene and makes the light on.

not sure about the links.

adding of support for stateless programmable switch to openHAB is not a big thing, can be done in a day or so. but im not sure how to map short press, double press, long press to openHAB items. to a number 1,2,3?

I think one good example is that many smart home system ex. Elko Living System/IHC (also Philips Hue) supports short press, long press etc. Ex for Elko/IHC items are already supporting short, long in the Bindings

Any updates on this?

no, no update yet. im still unsure how short/long press are modelled. do you know how Elko/IHC model short/long press? e.g. which openHAB items can be used for it? a Number, String?

Can we start by trying just the regular push button first and add long press later?

Any updates or possibilities?

Mvh Björn