Homekit stops working after Apple TV is powered up


After some working not working situations with repairing, restarting and all the fun I discovered, that HomeKit stops working after the Apple TV is powered up. All items show a “No response” label (or in the details “This accessory is not responding”).
In the apple “Home” app => configuration of my home => “Home Hubs & Bridges” the Apple TV is automatically added as “Home Hub”, openhab is listed (like before) as bridge.
Even after powering the Apple TV down, the situation stayed the same.

I would really be great full for any help!

Thank you!

Hi Michael,

try to disable homekit bridge in apple tv settings, restart apple tv and enable it again.
in general, apple tv and openhab homekit are working nicely together.


Hello Eugen,

thank you for your answer!
Unfortunately I did not help. I removed the Apple TV. In order to get it running again, I had to clearPairings and pair the open hab bridge again (with adding all the items to the rooms…). The second I added the appleTV to a room, all openHAB elements went offline/no response and the Apple TV was set as “Home Hub”.
I also tried to leave the appleTV as Home Hub and deleted the open hab bridge. When I repaired the bridge there was again the “adding to room” wizard. After finishing that, everything went offline/no response.
If you have any other ideas I would be grateful.
Thank you

Info: I’m running openHAB 3.4.0 Release Build, and an appleTV 2169 (32GB); the model before the actual one; with tvOS 16.2 (the newest).

oh, you have tvOS 16.2. so, probably you are already on the “new homekit architecture”. it was not working well with openHAB.
please update to openHAB 3.4.1 (was released today/yesterday). it has an important fix for iOS/tvOS 16.2


Hello Eugen,

that did the trick. Thank you!
It is working now with one limitation: New added items don’t show up in the HomeKit App. OpenHAB is making a new entry and also a new configuration revision but it seems not be reaching the “Home” app.

edit: bundle:restart org.openhab.io.homekit solves the problem. Maybe it is the same bug you mentioned in this post: