HomeKit with AVM FritzDect 200 Lightning and Temperature problems - solved

I am struggling to add the lightning switch and the temperature sensor to HomeKit.
To my understanding I have to add multiple metadata to my group “Wohnzimmerlampe 1” - Lighting and TemperatureSensor. Then I tag the switch with Lighting.OnState and the temperature item with TemperatureSensor.CurrentTemperature. But this won’t work. The temperature isn’t recognized. The light is working.
After trying several different configuration with light only, temperature only, switch instead of light, nothing worked anymore. I get this message in the log:

2022-01-19 21:16:53.058 [WARN ] [ssories.HomekitCharacteristicFactory] - Unsupported optional characteristic. Accessory type TEMPERATURE_SENSOR, characteristic type ON_STATE

2022-01-19 21:16:53.060 [WARN ] [.accessories.HomekitAccessoryFactory] - Unsupported optional HomeKit characteristic: service type 0000008A-0000-1000-8000-0026BB765291, characteristic type OnState

2022-01-19 21:16:53.069 [WARN ] [ssories.HomekitCharacteristicFactory] - Unsupported optional characteristic. Accessory type LIGHTBULB, characteristic type CURRENT_TEMPERATURE

2022-01-19 21:16:53.070 [WARN ] [.accessories.HomekitAccessoryFactory] - Unsupported optional HomeKit characteristic: service type 00000043-0000-1000-8000-0026BB765291, characteristic type CurrentTemperature

It looks like that it is mixing the metadata.
Could someone help, please?

is it a light with temperature sensor?
currently you cannot add 2 different meta data to the one group. you would need to create a second group for temperature sensor. or just remove the sensor from “Wohnzimmerlampe 1” group and add meta data directly to the item.

Eugen, thank you for that advice.
I removed the sensor from “Wohnzimmerlampe 1” and created a new point just for the temperature. That worked.
Nevertheless I am wondering why it is possible to add multiple metadata to a group when it won’t work.

The FritzDect 200 is a smart plug with power meter and temperature sensor. In Homebridge it worked flawlessly without any tweaks.

glad to hear that it works now.
at some point we will add support for multiple meta data / accessories types at one group but currently this is not supported.

however, what you can have:

  • group without meta data but the items in the group have meta data, e.g. remove meta data from Wohnzimmerlampe 1 and add “Lighting” to openhab switch item.

  • group for items with meta data and then one parent group without meta data, just for grouping. e.g. Group “Lampe” as lightning, Group “temperature” as sensor and “Wohnzimmerlampe 1” as parent group without meta data

in both cases it will create 2 different accessories in home app. however, apple supports also combined accessories, e.g. one item that has both, light and temperature.

i plan to add support for this to openHAB as well. the key challenge is to keep configuration simple, e.g. how to configure 2 different lights in the same group or 2 temperature sensor in the same group without making the configuration too complex.