Homekit with iOS17?

is it safe to update Apple devices to iOS/iPad OS/TVOS 17 with HomeKit binding?

Or will there be (again) any major changes in HomeKit so that the binding won’t work anymore?


You should ask Apple about changes, not the openHAB community :wink:

I am pretty sure that some people/developer here got already experience with iOS 17 and HomeKit.
Even if I ask Apple about these changes, I still don’t know if these changes are affecting the binding or not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I cannot promise you will have the same results. I updated my iPhone and Apple TV to 17 and everything is working fine

I don’t have problems with iOS17, iPadOS17, tvOS17 yet.

same here, no problems with homepods and homekit on ios17

Ok, sounds good.
Are you guys also updated to new homekit architecture or only the OS to 17?

iOS 17 beta + openhab had worked for me for around a week, but it has stopped working from this morning on.
Apparently the bridge is perfectly connected and the devices are transferred to the homkit app, but the app does not receive any states about the devices (“not responding”).

I previously had some problems with the homekit integration and had to repair it occasionally, but in those cases the entire bridge did not respond, which is different from the current behavior.
Also, previously repairing the bridge and clearing the openhab kit resolved the problem, but right now I can do nothing to make homekit working again.

Edit: It’s working now again. Might be that it didn’t work with my iPhone on iOs 17 while my HomePod was still at iOs 16.

@ltsstar same here — all working fine even after iOS17 updates on some devices at home — but actions stopped working since this morning, although commands initiated from Home app successfully arrived at OpenHAB and HomeKit binding, visible in the OpenHAB log

After restarting the Raspberry PI that OpenHAB runs on, all fine again.
Maybe it also relates to the HomePods having updated themselves over night…