Homekit with Milight in OH2


i recently got my Milight LED-Strips to work with OH2 (Auto-Discovery works perfectly :slight_smile: ). In the next step i configured the HomeKit-Extension and controlling the brightness of the LEDs worked also perfectly.

Now I am trying to control the color of the LEDs with HomeKit. My config file looks like this:

Group gruppe_TVLicht    				"TV Licht"     <lighting>          							 [ "Lighting" ]
Number milight_rgbLed_ACCF23A1F3B0_6_ledbrightness     "Helligkeit"              	(gruppe_TVLicht) [ "Lighting" ]        
Number milight_rgbLed_ACCF23A1F3B0_6_ledcolor     		"Farbe"           			(gruppe_TVLicht) [ "Lighting" ] 

With this configuration the Lights don’t show up in HomeKit. Does anyone know a solution for my problem? Thank you!

Hey. I see you have not received an answer. Did you figure it out yourself?

I am wanting to control my Milight controllers with HomeKit as well but I have no idea where to start. Do you have some advice as to where to start? Do I need to integrate a microcontroller into the system. I’m very ignorant in these regards.

Anyone else want to chime in?

Hey. I have good news. I got it to work :slight_smile: but not in the firstly intended way. I made the Homekit controls seperately to OH2 with the application “HomeBridge”, which has a plugin for MiLight and is easy to configure. With this running i can control my LED-strips with Siri and the iOS 10 control center (all running on the raspberry pi). The parallel OH2 control of MiLight works still perfectly fine as well. It might be some kind of workaround, but hey - it works. If you have any questions about the configuration, feel free to ask :wink: