Homemade Humidifier using ESP8266, DHT11 sensor and mqtt

First of all its my first post so please don’t mind.
I’ve been using Openhab for more than a couple of years for homemade iot solutions, just as a hobby.

I created a humidifier using Openhab, mqtt(still use 1x binding), esp8266, dht11 sensor. My dht11 outputs the humidity to Openhab and the same I am passing to Google Assistant Thermostat.

I am looking for a solution where I can set the desired humidity using a dimmer for thermostat similar to ga=“thermostatTemperatureSetpoint”(not configured yet, as I am not using temperature) so I could pass the value back to my esp8266 to control the Humidifier(it’s built with a cool mist maker, totally homemade).

I am currently using the Dimmer ga=“Light” to control the humidity, which suffices my need to switch on/off set percentage, but Google Assistant categories it as a Dimmable Light and with percentage BRIGHTNESS(it would be great to have a non light dimmer with percentage “custom tag”(or may be Humidity tag).

I also found ga=“AirPurifier” as a viable solution which makes the Google Assistant icon quite quaint, but that only supports speeds, which I have also setup against a different dimmer item, but Google Assistant categories it as a regular switch with voice enabled only speed modes(I would still prefer something similar to ga=“Light”).

It would be great to have on Openhab:

  1. A non ga=“light” dimmer
  2. A thermostat humidity setpoint

Please don’t mind my lack of knowledge if that be, I am just a learner and a hobbyist.

The Humidifier is not currently supported by openHAB.

The good news is you can add it.

Google supports it https://developers.google.com/assistant/smarthome/guides/dehumidifier

It looks like many new features are on the way just need to be a little patient as it is a huge refactoring. Its in the works.

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