Homematic binding and KeyMatic lock

I am trying to connect my keymatic homematic lock to openhab with no luck. I have read that few people are happy users of that set and maybe they can help me :slight_smile:

I have successfully connected keymatic to my CCU2 controller and all is working when i am using web browser or ios app to control CCU2. I can lock, unlock and even open the door :slight_smile:
But using homematic binding with OH i can only unlock the door. According to wiki binding and provided link to DataPoints for CCU2 there is no datapoint to lock the door :slight_smile: i checked CLOSE (as OPEN works for unlocking) but log file says :

Can't find DatapointConfig[address=LEQ090xxxx,channel=1,parameter=CLOSE]

Also don’t work RSSI and BATTERY_TYPE which i whink should as keymatic is RF and battery powered device.
But it is not so important as locking the door :slight_smile: Some example of working items configuration should explain everyting

Thank you

This is my set-up, which works perfectly. I have bulid in a security step to not open the door un-wanted. This is the extra line in the sitemap using the Lockrealoopen switch to display the Open button:
Switch item=KeyMatic_State label=“Ent- Verriegeln” icon=“lock” mappings=[ON=“AUF”, OFF=“ZU”]
Switch item=Lockrealopen label=“Tür öffnen!” icon=“lock” mappings=[ON=“An”, OFF=“Aus”]
Switch item=KeyMatic_Open visibility=[Lockrealopen==ON] label=“ACHTUNG!” icon=“lock” mappings=[ON=“ÖFFNEN!”]
Switch KeyMatic_State “KeyMatic [MAP(HM-Sec-Key-S.map):%s]” {homematic=“address=MEQXXXXXX, channel=1, parameter=STATE”}

Thank you for explanation. Using STATE datapoint i can now lock and unlock the door so most important functionality has been achieved :slight_smile:

Unfortunatelly items Lockrealopen and KeyMatic_Open do not work as they should, KeyMatic_Open appears when Lockrealopen is set to ON but after sitemap is reloaded, it seems that it does not work dynamicaly. Additionaly, KeyMatic_Open deos nothing - it neither open nor lock the keymatic. Only KeyMatic_State works.

Maybe you could share your HM-SEC-Key-S.map file but i dont know if it is the reason why they do not work.

Last question: using webui on CCU2 or phone app there is 3rd option useful for me (apart from lock and unlock) to open the door - is it posible to have this functionality in OH using homematic binding?

In the items file:
Switch KeyMatic_State “KeyMatic [MAP(HM-Sec-Key-S.map):%s]” {homematic=“address=MEQXXXX, channel=1, parameter=STATE”}
Switch Lockrealopen
Switch Lockvis
Switch KeyMatic_Open “KeyMatic” {homematic=“address=MEQXXXX, channel=1, parameter=OPEN, forceUpdate=true”, autoupdate=“false”}

In the map file:
but this is not changing functionality

In the rules file:
rule "Lock real open visible"
when Item Lockrealopen received command ON
var Timer timer = null
timer = createTimer(now.plusSeconds(5

)) [| sendCommand(Lockrealopen, OFF) ]

ok, thanks, that’s working.

What about opening the doors? There is such a posibility and iths working with keymatic using CCU2 webpanel or @Home ios app. Which datapoint is responsible for this functionality ? I would like to use it in OH.

Lock and Unlock is using the State boolean and Open (like you can walk through) is triggered by the Switch KeyMatic_Open
{homematic=“address=MEQXXXX, channel=1, parameter=OPEN, forceUpdate=true”, autoupdate=“false”}

One stupid Homematic question:
I am thinking about the KeyMatic as well.
So I need a Homeatic HW (bridge) or is openhab able to emulate ths bridge?

Never mind - a CCUx is needed.
Sorry for bothering you instead of investigating here :wink:

You would need a bridge to integrate it with other devices.

Alright - thanks, Harald!

hi there, someone here that has config templates for openhab2?