Homematic Binding: HM-Sen-MDIR-SM not compatible with openhab?


I use several motion sensors and they work fine (hm-sen-mdir-wm55). Now I bought an HM-Sen-MDIR-SM. The sensor sends values for motion and brightness to homegear / homematic but openhab does not seem to get these values. The item is never mentioned in any logfile of openhab.

Is the sensor not compatible to openhab binding?

I can confirm that this device should work with OpenHAB. I will post my configuration when I’m at home today.

Hi thorsten_gilfert
That would be great. I used the same config as for hm-sen-mdir-wm55
Taking a look into the homegear log the data that is received by homegear is the same (motion, brightness, …)

I was wrong… I copied my config from the other motion sensors. They have three chanels (two buttons and the pir sensor). hm-sen-mdir-wm55 sends MOTION and BRIGHTNESS on channel 3.
The HM-Sen-MDIR-SM does not have buttons, there is only one channel. Changing the channel to 1 made it work.
I could only test it from remote with brightness (not with motion) but I think if brightness value is shown correctly motion should also work.
So there is no need to check your config thorsten but thanks a log for your reply.

Yes thats it. Plain motion sensors use channel 1 while the ones with buttons (HM-Sen-MDIR-WM55) use channel 3.

Would you mind to post your .items and .sitemap file?
I failed to get the proper data out of the HM-Sec-MDIR-2.
How do I have to address the BRIGHTNESS and MOTION channel in these files?
item = switch - dimmer - ?
sitemap = switch - slider - number ?

Log entry looks ok to me.

22:56:08.162 [DEBUG] [ternal.communicator.HomematicGateway] - Received new (Integer) value ‘34’ for ‘MEQ0821xxx:1#BRIGHTNESS’ from gateway with id '9a3707xx’
22:56:08.186 [DEBUG] [ternal.communicator.HomematicGateway] - Received new (Boolean) value ‘true’ for ‘MEQ0821xxx:1#MOTION’ from gateway with id ‘9a3707xx’

Take a look at http://www.forwardme.de/openhab/openhab-homematic-items/ I wrote my configs down there.

Thanks a lot. The items definitions look exactly like one variant I tried.
Would you post your sitemap please?
Thanks in advance!

@seth sitemap is:

sitemap mysitemap label="Our Castle"


    Frame label="Debugging" {
        Group item=debug label="Debug-Werte" icon="network"

items is

Group gruppeAlles
Group debug                (gruppeAlles)


Switch eg_pir_aussen_motion                "Bewegungsmelder Außen"                                (debug)        {homematic="address=xxxxxx, channel=1, parameter=MOTION"}
Number eg_pir_aussen_helligkeit            "Helligkeit Außen [%d]"                             (debug)        {homematic="address=xxxxxx, channel=1, parameter=BRIGHTNESS"}


Items names are different to the names posted at the website

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According to the channel syntax you are using Openhab 1?
Adopted it to Openhab 2 but it doesn´t work for me. The sitemap shows on level 1 the correct label. Upon clicking on “Debug-Werte” the sitemap on level 2 remains empty :-/
Any ideas?

Here´s the relevant part of my config:

Switch B_terrasse_motion "Bewegungsmelder Terrasse" <motion> (gsecurity) { channel="homematic:HM-Sen-MDIR-O:xxxxxx:JEQxxxxxx:1#MOTION" }
Number B_terrasse_lux "Lux Terrasse [%d]" <sun> (gsecurity) { channel="homematic:HM-Sen-MDIR-O:xxxxxxx:JEQxxxxxxx:1#BRIGHTNESS" }

sitemap test label="Hauptmenue"
Frame label="Sicherheit" {
        Group item=gsecurity label="Debug-Werte" icon="network"

I am using openhab 1.
Try to add the items directly into your sitemap.

That’s where I started. Without success in the beginning.
I tried different item-types (switch, slider, text, number, string) in the sitemap-files to adress the items configured in the items-file.
Finally I succeded by starting from the scratch with a new items and a new sitemap file containing only code in relation to that sensor.
Will post my config later.

Still wondering how the output of your sitemap file looks like? What do you get upon clicking on the “group container”.